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Fields of Activity:

     INCSMPS has as object of activity: research and development in the field of social and humanist sciences, which  all into: CAEN code 7220, UNESCO code 5302.02 In accordance with article 3 in the GD no. 1305/1996 and  1773/21.10.2004, the institute’s main object of activity is to „carry out surveys and research with theoretical-applicative character in fields of national interest regarding the human resources management, social development and social protection in Romania”. In order to achieve the main object of activity, the following objectives are envisaged. 

General objectives:  

  • To strengthen the scientific expertise and excellence of the institute, in the field of labour and social protection;
  • To use the results obtained by the institute in the research activity, by means of transferring them to the beneficiaries;
  • To integrate the institute in research and development networks, in the country and in the EU, in order to support the research and development policy at national level.

The managerial strategy:

  • To put into practice the attributes of national institute, regulated by G.D. no 1773/21.10.2004, in the field of labor and social protection;
  • To develop competitive capabilities through the participation on the scientific research market, at national, European and international level;
  • To increase the importance of the institute’s activity by means of using the results of the scientific research projects in the decisionmaking process of the ministry in the field, as well as of the central institutions with duties in the field;
  • To support the implementation of the legislation in the field of labor and social protection, through the direct participation in specific activities;
  • To develop the institutional capacity in order to strengthen its position on the specific research and development market in the country and abroad;
  • To strengthen the collaboration and partnership relations, firstly, with the Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family, with the units subordinated to the latter, ANOFM, CNPAS, LABOUR INSPECTION, as well as research units and higher education institutions.
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DanubePeerChains Proiect "DanubePeerChains: National Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection - INCSMPS, is Romanian partner in the project funded by the Transregational Interreg Danube Program, DanubePeerChains, DTP3-497-1.2         Details...