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Research, Development and Innovation Activity

Research Development and Innovation Activities

The Research Development and Innovation Activity is focused on the following subjects:

a) Labour market

  • Labour force supply;
  • Labour force demand;
  • Unemployment;
  • Labour market forecasts;
  • The informational system of the labour market;
  • Wage, minimum wage and labour market equilibrium;
  • Institutions and agents of the labor market;
  • Social dialogue;
  • Labour legislation.

b) Lifelong learning

  • Evaluation of the impact of educational and training systems on labour market efficiency;
  • Evaluation of the techniques and methods of vocational training;
  • Evaluation of the skills demands both nationally and on activities of the national economy, according to the needs of the labour market.

c) Human resources management

  • Diagnosis analysis of the recruiting, selection, evaluation and promoting systems;
  • Policies and systems regarding salaries in organizations: analysis, impact studies;
  • Work relations: conflicting – non-conflicting relations, partnership, communication – information – diagnosis, impact;
  • Labour motivation: forms, methods, models;
  • Labour standardization.

d) Social policies and social phenomena

  • Poverty and social exclusion – evaluation, reduction scenarios, policies;
  • Social inclusion and social cohesion – diagnosis analysis, impact evaluation, evolution scenarios, policies;
  • Social insurance systems and insurance policies – diagnosis analysis, impact evaluation, evolution scenarios, policies;
  • Social assistance systems for the population, for families, elder, children, disabled persons - diagnosis analysis, impact evaluation, evolution scenarios and policies.

e) Socio-human aspects involved in the process of change, modernization and integration of Romania in the European structures

f) Strategies and models of socio-economic development nationally, regionally and on activities of the national economy

g) Macro and microeconomic management


DanubePeerChains Proiect "DanubePeerChains: National Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection - INCSMPS, is Romanian partner in the project funded by the Transregational Interreg Danube Program, DanubePeerChains, DTP3-497-1.2         Details...