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The organizational structure of INCSMPS was approved by the Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity (current: Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection - MMFPS) through the Order no. 588 of 12.11. The functional unit of the Institute is the Department, led by the Head of Department. The departments are organized according to the main thematic areas of labour market and social protection, corresponding at the same time to the objectives of the MMFPS. These departments ensure the scientific - methodological and operational coordination of the research - development activities of the Institute, conducting also consultancy and training activities, while specializing the allocated human resources. For the specific RDI function, the research collectives are constituted in accordance with the thematic directions stipulated by the Organizing and Functioning Regulations of INCSMPS, and also with the RDI market requirements. It is thereby operationalized a flexible organizational structure, adequate to conducting activities according to the "management by objectives" and "project management", based on a flexible IT human resources management strategy - STIG. STIG strategy involves managing a database that contains information about professional skills, language, communication, etc.., regarding all researchers of INCSMPS, information about the degree of allocation and work load of CDI staff with specific activities, annually and multiannual, within the current projects, and also information on the needs of efficient development of the projects from the Institute’s annual and multiannual portfolio.


DanubePeerChains Proiect "DanubePeerChains: National Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection - INCSMPS, is Romanian partner in the project funded by the Transregational Interreg Danube Program, DanubePeerChains, DTP3-497-1.2         Details...