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Research and Developments Objectives on a medium and short term

General objectives:

  • Finalizing with priority the scientific objectives of the projects contracted through the National Research Development and Innovation Plan II – Partnerships Programme.
  • Achieving the scientific objectives of other projects contracted through international research programmes.
  • Achieving the objectives expressed in the General Research-Development Programme – “Integrated Programme of Research Development in the field of Labour Market and Active Policies Systems, Insurances, Social Assistance and Legislation”, in order to respond to the demands expressed by the main beneficiary of the Institute, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection that is the general administrator of the Romanian labour market.
  • Developing studies and research with both fundamental-theoretical and practical-applicative character that might respond to the needs of the present phase of economic development for the scientific grounding of the policy decisions in this field.
  • Developing studies and research for the knowledge transfer towards the economic environment.
  • Increasing the visibility of the Institute through the permanent updating of the Institute’s site page with abstracts of the phases of the unrolling programmes and also through the publishing of an annual brochure with the research results and through the dissemination of the research results in prestigious publications, books and brochures from the list approved by the MedC.
  • Extending the research partnerships with other research entities from EU countries and making steps towards the affiliation of the institute to international organizations.
  • Participating in the competitions of the Partnership Programme of the National Research Development Plan and of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union through international partnerships.
  • Consultancy and training programmes answering to specific needs in the field of labour, insurance systems, assistance and social reconversion of different economic agents, public or private, as well as of the non-governmental organizations (unions, foundations, non-profit organizations).

Strategic research areas:

  • The relation between innovation-economic growth-employment.
  • The relation between productivity-economic growth-wages.
  • Employment forecasts (regionally, in the rural environment, on occupations).
  • The relation between initial education-lifelong learning-employment. Convergence models.
  • Evaluations of the impact of active and passive employment policies.
  • Evaluation of flexicurity and of the adaptability of the Romanian workers in the new economic and social context.
  • The impact of the demographic dynamics on human capital development (demographic evolutions, migration).
  • The relation between social protection-well being.
  • Evaluation of the impact of socio-economic policies on social cohesion and wellbeing.
  • Evaluation of the research-development impact on economic growth and social cohesion. 

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