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European Programme ERASMUS +





VirtualCall - m-Training for Inactive Women Aiming their Employment as Call Center Agents at their Homes

"Erasmus+ Project”


 The concrete AIM of this project - is “to e-train inactive women for their e-employment as call center representatives, to work from their homes”.
 The training concept also includes e-stage possibility for efficient and complete result achievement. After such a program, individual will be ready to start working, without needing extra steps.

The MAIN OBJECTIVE is “to increase the employability of inactive women in a profitable scheme for both employee and employer, under current market conditions”.

OUTPUT: Integrated e-Training and e-Stage portal supported by Android APP will allow future call center representatives to be e-trained and practice by means of calling each other
and simulating clients in changing roles. Grading/rating anonymously and repetition of e- learning modules depending on the strengths/weaknesses, re-studying while repeating e-courses and similar features will bring the possibility of satisfactory self-evaluation before starting to actual work.

IMPACT: After having this kind of e-training and e-stage opportunity, home-based employment possibility for inactive women will not be a dream any more. Thus, this will surely open a
new challenging door for inactive women, including women with physical disabilities; for them to work from their homes and integrate themselves into labor market.

 Project website - under construction



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 Team2Share – Integrated Training & Teaching for Learning further aiming Knowledge Sharing across Generations

 "Erasmus+ Project”

 Team2Share aims to support the acquisition of key competencies, including basic skills for all, by developing and transferring innovative learning methods for low-skilled adults, including but not limited to vulnerable groups.

Project objectives - 1. Strengthen key skills, including life skills, by introducing innovative methods useful for teachers and trainers;

                             2. Support the development and adoption of innovative approaches in learning methodologies and digital technologies for teaching and learning;

                             3. Improving access to training for low-skilled adults, focusing on vulnerable groups, by increasing the quality, supply and accessibility of learning opportunities tailored to
                                 their learning needs;
                            4. Providing opportunities for the professional development of teachers / trainers by developing efficient, open and innovative digital methods to support work with low-skilled adults.


  Logo mic.png


 i-Read Basic literacy - Innovative learnable reading tool for low skilled women 
 ERASMUS + Partnership Project for Adult Education Project








               FlexWork - Practical e-Training of Flexible Vocations for  Supporting Home Based Working of  Inactive Women as Self-employed
               ERASMUS + Partnership Project for Adult Education Project


 Project website/platform: www.flex-work.eu




 F2F logo.jpgF2F TrustMicro-Entrepreneurship Supporting Mentoring System Development for Woman with fever  Opportunities in Rurals
ERASMUS + Partnership Project for Adult Education Project 


 Project website/platform: www.f2f-trust.eu








SKOPE4GEG - School of Knowledge Production and Transfer for Global Economy and Governance Project No: 18-COP-0032

  SKOPE 4 GEG – Iceland Liechtenstein Norway grant


GLOBE - New skills for green jobs. Game based training to develop transversal green skills in apprenticeship programmes

            Strategic Partnership Project Nr: 2017-1-RO01-KA202-03735

         Neswsletter 1     Newsletter 2


 ATWORK - ICT based evaluation methodology to assess the social impact of work-linked training

             Strategic Partnership Project Nr: 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038537

             Newsletters 1    



 LOGO Final mic mic.png

BeEuropeMentoring for better life & better harmony in society – the healthy integration of young women in Europe

            Strategic Partnership Project Nr: 2017-2-FR02-KA205-013355

  THE FINAL RESULT OF PROJECT is now available:
to BeEurope Project Portal



@HomeWork - Increasing hobby based ICT skills of inactive women and housewives at home

           Strategic Partnership Project Nr: 2016-1-TR01-KA204-034403



DanubePeerChains Proiect "DanubePeerChains: National Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection - INCSMPS, is Romanian partner in the project funded by the Transregational Interreg Danube Program, DanubePeerChains, DTP3-497-1.2         Details...